Helping you prepare to exit your Business

Most business owners have regrets. Don't be one of them.

The Business Owner Transition Academy™ (TBOTA) is dedicated to helping business owners understand and manage the complex process of leaving their ownership role on their terms.

TBOTA Managing Director Mike Quinlan has over 30 years of military aviation and business experience and is an expert in helping owners prepare for transition. The TBOTA team member professional credentials include CExP, CPA, CFA, JD and CFP.  Working with additional guest faculty from fields such as law, accounting, mergers and acquisition, financial advisory and business valuation, the TBOTA team helps business owners understand options and opportunities to exit their business, maximizing transaction value and the probability of a successful transaction. 

Seven of ten business owners report being unhappy after transitioning form their business*. Will you be one of the successful ones? TBOTA offers online and in-person education through the Academy as well as individual consulting engagements tailored to the individual owner’s needs.

* Study Shows Why Many Business Owners Can’t Sell When They Want To,, February 5, 2017

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  • How do I talk with an instructor/consultant to learn more about the Academy or a consulting engagement?

    You can submit your email in the Get In Touch box above or contact us directly at: or call: 404-857-1102

  • What if I miss a class session?

    All classes are recorded and uploaded to the educational platform. You will have access to the content for one year after starting the course.

  • Will I have access to instructors after the course ends?

    Once the course has ended, we will offer discounted engagement pricing for full exit planning engagements and coaching and mentoring engagements.