What is your business worth?

This insight could impact some of the most important decisions a business owner can make

The valuation assessment is a foundational element to understanding your readiness to exit and yet only 2% of business owners know what their business is worth*. Knowing your company's current estimated value combined with comprehensive financial planning for your post transaction goals lets you understand your potential funding gap. Additionally, the ability to continue to assess your valuation over time will allow you to gauge the effectiveness of value driver growth strategies and current market conditions.

*Statistics courtesy of IBIS world 

Information you can put to work

  • Tested to help you grow

    This 7 step process is endorsed by the American Bankers Association (ABA). This technology utilizes over 2 dozen data sources, providing access to the most accurate information on comparables and multiples for over 900 different NAICUS codes

  • Data you can use

    Custom 29 page report with 13 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) broken down in the 29-page valuation report. Provides key insight into how your business is performing compared to others in the same industry in key comparison areas

  • Track your progress

    A key feedback mechanism for you to track your progress. By signing up for our valuation assessment subscription service, you will have access to annual reports showing your company's change in value.

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Practice Lead

Valuation Assessment

Senior Instructor

Mike DeWitt, CFA

Mike has dedicated his career to serving business owners and high net worth families by developing and implementing comprehensive wealth strategies. His specialty is helping business owners make the transition from entrepreneur to investor. Mike a senior instructor and consultant and leads the Academy business valuation assessment practice.


  • Is the business valuation assessment a certified report?

    This information provided by you is assumed to be accurate and complete. However, The Business Owner Transition Academy and our third party vendor,BizEquity, have not audited or attempted to confirm this information for accuracy or completeness. It is important to note that the estimates presented herein are not final numbers. Instead, we are providing general estimates. As a result, the overall valuation assessment should be considered a frame of reference and not an official appraisal.

  • How should I use this assessment?

    While this valuation assessment was generated considering as many company, industry and location specific details as available, the value presented in this assessment is an automated estimation of the fair market value of the business and its assets and liabilities. Some events and circumstances that might impact the overall valuation of a specific business may not be taken into account for the purpose of this assessment. The assessment should be used for internal planning purposes only and should not be used to obtain credit or for any other commercial purposes.