The Academy Begins April 13

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The 2022 Spring Cohort starts on April 13

The spring cohort promises to be another great learning opportunity for business owners who are trying to understand how to best create value and better position their company for future transition success. Sessions will be held once per month from 11 am to 1 pm in a live format with a remote simulcast for students who are out of the area or cannot make the session in person. Sessions will be recorded for students to review information at a later date.

Business Valuation Assessment and custom value driver assessments are included in the price of the course!!

Download our spring course brochure: The Academy Spring 2022

This multimedia training approach will include:

  • Live presentations
  • Video content
  • Audio podcast 
  • White papers and reference materials
  • Group discussions and instructor access

Will you leave your business when you want to?

Top 10 Deal Pitfalls

Avoid these pitfalls to successfully transition your business.

ll of these pitfalls are fairly common, although some owners are prone to fall into more pits than others. ll of these pitfalls are fairly common, although some owners are prone to fall into more pits than others. 

"All of these pitfalls are fairly common, although some owners are prone to fall into more pits than others." To find out if you may be one of those owners, enter your information to read and download this paper now.

When? To whom? And for how much?

If these are important to you, and they should be, you need this course

I was blown away!!

Jim Sullivan - CEO and Founder at HealPros

I highly recommend the Academy for mid-stage and late-stage companies. This course changed they way I think about building transferrable value. I was blown away by the quality of the course and the instructors. This will help me achieve a better outcome!!

Real life examples

Tim Tracy and Karen Swords - Owners - Pyramid Masonry Contractors Inc.

The knowledge gained from these classes is invaluable. The presenting experts give real life examples and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your company for your transition, whenever it may be. Mike Quinlan has a great hands-on approach and has continued to follow up with us on our plans!

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Managing Director and Lead Instructor

Mike Quinlan, CExP, CWS

Since retiring from a successful flying career in the Navy, Mike has focused on working with business owners to help them achieve their dreams. He saw the struggles business owners were having with the transition process, and helping them became his passion. He since has worked with companies in all phases of the business life cycle, from start ups to enterprise values of over $100M. Mike is the founder and Managing Director of the Business Owner Transition Academy.

Senior Instructor

Annika Cushnie, CExP, CFP

Annika specializes in working with business owners and helps them think strategically about their business and personal wealth planning throughout the various phases of their business’ lifecycle. She plays a key role as an instructor and consultant helping to clearly define the financial goals which drive so many of the key decisions as an owner begins to contemplate an exit.

Senior Instructor

Nathan Corbitt, CExP, CPA, CFA, CFP

Nathan’s experience as an exit planner and tax advisor and keen understanding of investment strategy, economics and charitable strategies allow him to provide business owners with a complete understanding of the most complex aspects of their exit.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter 2 - Owner Planning and Business Valuation

    • Chapter 2 Live session 1 introduction

    • Top 12 Unique Financial Planning Aspects for Business Owners

    • Business Valuation - Why It Is Important

    • Live Class Session One - Zoom Information for Remote Students and Instructors

    • Personal Planning for Business Owners, A Total Balance Sheet Approach - Annika Cushnie, CFP - Presentation Slides

    • Business Valuation Concepts - Kevin Couillard, CVA - Presentation Slides

    • Exit and Valuation Assessment Review Meeting - Mike Quinlan, CExP and Mike DeWitt, CFA, CExP

    • Session One Quiz 1

    • Session one Survey

  • 3

    Chapter 3 - Building Value , A Strong Foundation

  • 4

    Chapter 4 - Key Value Drivers, Cash Flow And An Effective Management Team

    • Key Employee Incentive Planning

    • Executive Bonus Plans - Mike Quinlan and Chris Means, CLU

    • Custom Evaluation Five - Financial Controls And Processes

    • Cash Flow Versus Profitability - Will You Grow Yourself Out Of Business?

    • Institutionalize and Motive Management Presentation Slides- Mike Quinlan, CExP

    • Maximizing the Value of Your Company Through Persistent Forecasting Presentation Slides - John Coffin

    • Management, Profitability and Cash Flow Growth - Nathan Corbitt, CPA, CFA, CExP, CFP

  • 5

    Chapter 5 - Key Value Drivers, Sales and Growth Planning

    • Custom Evaluation Six - Sales Teams And Processes

    • Custom Evaluation Seven - Business Growth Planning And Strategy

    • Creating Effective Sales Teams - Jonathan Graviss

    • How To Build A Growth Strategy You Can Use Every Day Presentation Slides - Mike Quinlan, CExP

    • Maximizing the Value of Your Company Through Persistent Forecasting Presentation Slides - John Coffin

    • Growth Through Acquisition

    • One-Page Strategic Plan Meeting - Mike Quinlan

  • 6

    Chapter 6 - Internal and External Transactions, M&A

    • Business Owners and Aviators - Hazardous Attitudes Lead To Failed Decision Making

    • Successful Transfer of the Family Business

    • Top 10 Deal Pitfalls

    • Live Class Session Five - The M&A Process and Closing The Deal!! - Don Bravaldo

    • Transaction Video Series - What To Expect From The Legal Process

  • 7

    Chapter 7 - Post Transaction, Implementing Strategies

    • Wealth Transfer for Business Owners - Jason Cross, JD

    • Live Class Session Six - Preparing for the Proceeds, Transitioning From Entrepreneur To Investor - Mike DeWitt, CFA

    • Charitable Giving Strategies - Nathan Corbitt, CPA, CExP, CFP, CFA